Monday, January 15, 2007

Portable Solar Panels Anyone? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

Despite being a spin off from space technology, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular alternative to what the energy companies have to offer through power lines.

Although these are mostly being used by corporations and homes, this technology would compliment future space colonies on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

(Energy Daily) The SpaceX solar system uses unique patented hardware, which mounts quickly and requires no roof penetration. Dennis Jones, facility manager of SpaceX, said that the SolarCity solar system is a practical, forward-thinking measure to help offset the company's power load.

"Solar power is a clean, responsible and cost-efficient way for SpaceX to conduct operations," said Mr. Jones. "SolarCity's quality, low- impact installation quickly provided a return on our energy consumption, and reserved us the ability to scale-up afterwards," he said.

By having solar panels easily attach/detach, future colonists will spend less time repairing or upgrading their current panels and more time exploring the worlds they are walking upon.

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