Thursday, January 04, 2007

Korea Building A Space Port? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
It looks like Korea (that would be South Korea) is starting to become a little jealous over its Chinese and Japanese "brethren" flying off humans and satellites to the stars and has decided to jump into the action themselves.

(Digital Chosunilbo) In a small village at the tip of the Oe Naro Island, a beachhead for space exploration is under construction by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. The Naro Space Center is to launch a rocket made with Korea's own technology in 2008. Located at the foot of Machi Mountain on Oe Naro Island, there is a 500 million sq. m construction site for the Space Center. Its seven core facilities are now 95 percent complete.

The Naro Space Center will build equipment and conduct test operation by the first half of this year, when the rocket operation system worth W265 billion (US$1=W930) will be complete. With this development, Korea becomes the world's 13th nation to own a rocket launch station, and the site will be the 26th in the world.

Despite their belated entry into the space arena, Korea seems to be seriously considering establishing itself among the heavens as one can notice by their latest attempt at sending up astronauts into space.

Ironically, the Korean island is remaking itself into a "space center" in order to not only become the main launching point for South Korea, but also increase tourism into the area.

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