Thursday, January 25, 2007

India's Baby Steps Towards Space Power Club Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Despite its tiny budget for space programs, India seems to be a space power "in the making," as the worlds largest democracy successfully launched a rocket on its own power (not to mention retrieving it as well).

(Reuters) The capsule was blasted into space as one of four payloads on January 10 from a launch pad 100 km (60 miles) north of the southern city of Chennai. It splashed down in the Bay of Bengal 11 days later, boosting plans for a lunar mission in 2008.

"(It) landed in the Bay of Bengal ... as per schedule. The mission is a great success," said A. Subramoniam, head of the team that designed and built the capsule at the Indian Space Research Organization.

"This mission is a stepping stone to design and build our very own reusable spacecraft, and eventually (carry out) manned missions into space, too," he said.

Despite being tardy to the space race, India seems to be gaining momentum as it fine tunes its space program. Although their budget is somewhat limited, scientists and engineers are pushing to send one of their own to visit the stars, and perhaps walk on our lunar neighbor as well.

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  1. Yeah, I think these guys are serious. I've blogged before about how I think they're potential rivals in building a first space elevator (though quite behind, as you note). Two of the prime locations for the possible placement of a Space Elevator are in the Indian Ocean...

  2. Despite being behind, India could temper China's aggressiveness if NASA decides to partner with them instead of Beijing.

    Interesting note regarding the space elevators though (I have to order that book now).

    I think once one is able to be built in the Pacific, it wouldn't be surprising to find India constructing one in their arena.


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~Darnell Clayton, 2007

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