Thursday, January 11, 2007

Black Line Ascension (A Space Elevator Company) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
(Hat Tip: LiftPort Staff Blog)

A new space elevator has emerged from the shadows, and from the looks of it they seemed to be determined to construct a space elevator in the near term future.

Black Line Ascension is the culmination of work by various entities and individuals pushing the technology required for eventual construction of the space elevator. The new public outreach of Black Line Ascension is the result of a desperate need by the community for a full-fledged effort to lead development of the technology and infrastructure that will be required to build the space elevator. Black Line Ascension is an umbrella LLC with sub entities working on materials development and basic engineering and research. On this site you will find information on the space elevator and on some of the sub entities of Black Line Ascension.

Black Line Ascension boasts an impressive list of individuals working within the company, including:

  • Dr. Brian Laubscher (of Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • J. Barry Thompson (of UBS Capital and Member of the X-Prize Board)
  • Dr. Bradley C. Edwards (Modern Father of the Space Elevator)
  • Leland Nolan (former CEO of Orange Entertainment and Vice Chairman of Pay-Per-View)

The company is based in New York and still in its infancy, and they seem to be looking for sharp individuals to join their team. Although they have not released a road map detailing when they plan on constructing a space elevator, it will probably be within 10 to 15 years (that is if Dr. Edwards has his way).

Black Line Ascension is one of three companies currently pursuing the full construction of a space elevator, with the other two being LiftPort and Lockheed Martin.

Note: Don't forget to check out Edwards space elevator video.

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