Saturday, January 06, 2007

Assimilated By Google (Resistance Is Futile) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
It looks as if the boys and girls at Google have done it again!

Basically Blogger is providing free hosting for their blog*spot blogs, although the user has to purchase the domain from someone else.

(Blogger Buzz) The new version of Blogger now supports using a custom domain for serving your blog. If you already own a domain named, say, and want your blog to be served at that address instead of at a address, we can host your blog on that domain for you — for free. Your old Blog*Spot address will forward to your new custom domain, so the switch will be seamless for your readers.

There will be no posting here, as well as my other weblogs as I slowly move more of my life onto Google's servers (it's creepy yet surreal). Until then, I recommend visiting, as they generally have some very fascinating stories involving the cosmos above.

Update: It seems I forgot to mention the domain above (thanks Brian for reminding me).

I'll be migrating over to, although right now that process may be delayed as Google and I are trying to work out our differences (it was love at first sight...sigh).

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  1. There will be no posting here

    So .. what is your new address?

  2. Hey Brian,

    The new site will be over at

    I'm having a little trouble migrating it over (I'll have to send in a Google ticket for it) but the cool thing is that Google will automatically redirect the blog*spot link once the conversion finishes up.


You can either visit the stars or watch them from afar.

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~Darnell Clayton, 2007

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