Friday, January 26, 2007

A New Way To Be Human Via Androids? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

Although colonizing the final frontier will definitely require a human presence, we may need the assistance of androids while conquering space.

(Space Daily) U.S. scientists say they plan to create a new class of technology designed to produce completely soft-bodied robots. Tufts University researchers say such robots -- based on biological materials and the adaptive mechanisms found in living cells and organisms -- could repair space stations, conduct safer surgical procedures and work in hazardous environments such as landmine fields.

Soft bodied robots could be quite helpful, especially on the Moon where a daily dose of x-rays could be harmful towards ones health. They could also may make our robotic friends more "user friendly" and they could be used to help mine dangerous areas of the lunar surface, as well as Mars.

But as long as they do not revolt against their human masters, then having a cybernetic companion in space may not be that bad. Unless it has six legs of course.

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