Monday, January 08, 2007

Is NASA Too Worried About Young People? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
In an ironic twist of fate, NASA seems to be worried that its plans to build a space base on the moon for the next generation will fall on deaf ears.

(Red Orbit) The nation's space program ought not to need any help promoting its dreams of exploration to a coming generation, but apparently (NASA) is having trouble convincing young people to embrace its vision. The agency says there's much apathy among those who grew up after the moon landings and the first space shuttles. That is nothing short of shocking to "baby boomers" who well remember the fascination they felt once President Kennedy announced America was going to the moon.

Personal Note: This "worrying" seems premature (if not unnecessary). Ask any kid who their favorite Star Wars character is and they will babble on about them (with reasons backing up their choice), not to mention other characters from other shows.

People, especially youth are very interested in space. NASA should simply let Hollywood worry about entertaining our culture about the solar future, and just simply focus on getting humanity there.

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  1. My take on this is that it's NASA that is in trouble not the idea of 'going to space'.

    Hearken back to the begining of the 'Wired' era in the early 90s. The cool kids (I use 'cool' in a post-modern ironic way) wanted to work for startups and make money the fun way, not work for IBM.


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