Monday, January 08, 2007

LiftPort Energy Debuts Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
LiftPort, one of two companies seeking to build a working space elevator is launching LiftPort Energy, a site dedicated towards providing clean fuel for planet Earth.

(LiftPort Blog) As some of you may have heard we are attempting to launch a division of LiftPort targeted at Energy called LiftPort Energy. Our goal is to bring clean energy to planet Earth using the abundant resources of space & encourage sustainable energy supplies like those available in space. Our first effort is the webstore at

I encourage you to visit, order something (we’ve got about 10 products currently), and let me know your feedback on what you liked or did not like.

We plan a more formal, official release by LiftPort Group in a few weeks once we know we are ready for a larger audience.

LiftPort also seems to have to have a research site called LiftPort Energy Research, although it is not quite clear whether it is an R & D page or just another random site hosted on Yahoo! (although they may be the ones responsible for this previous video).

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  1. The site you liked to isn't a random Yahoo page, but part of Liftport Energy.


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