Sunday, October 01, 2006

Video: Space Elevator As Greatest Future Achievement Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Although many people hear about what a space elevator is, how it will be built, etc., very few of them understand why one should be built (as many assume NASA will revamp their rocket system to get us to the stars).

This video on YouTube offers a brief explanation as to how a space elevator would benefit humanity and why one needs to be built in the first place.

What makes this video great is it highlights some of the benefits of creating a space elevator (such as space stations, revisiting the Moon and Mars, solar satellites beaming down energy, etc.). On a sad note, there was no mention of LiftPort as a contributer towards creating a space elevator (perhaps the video was made before they existed).

Note: I may be busy in the next couple of days, but in order to pass the time I'll be featuring various essays and video's regarding the space elevator. Stay tuned.

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  1. The video was made by Dr. Edwards Carbon Designs organization. I'm not sure why it doesn't mention Liftport, or why his bio does not list the period of time he spent with Michael at Highlift.


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