Thursday, October 12, 2006

Space Elevator Community Coming Together Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
It looks as if the Space Elevator community is coming back together again after a brief tit for tat arguments over the precise launch of the first space elevator.

Bryan Laubscher seems to be calling the SE community to work together as a whole, probably a wise thing as "a space elevator divided, shall not be built" (to paraphrase a wise man).

(Space Elevator Reference) As a community we need to work more closely together to encourage and support good work while discouraging shoddy work. And we need to do this out of the public eye. All of us need to be willing to have our work reviewed. Indeed, my most talented scientific colleagues insist on having their work reviewed by peers because they know the importance of their work and they honor their reputations! This level of activity is for adults with serious intentions. It is not for the insincere or insecure. Through this process we will all be called to a higher standard of work.

Bryan is asking for a SE workshop to be carried out at the 2nd Biennial Space Elevator Workshop in March next year (more details over here). This forum may be worth attending, and hopefully everyone can lay aside the personal attacks.

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