Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Titan Has Active Volcano's? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
It looks like Titan may be able to join the "active terrestrial club" as their are some interesting clues revealing that its surface may harbor some volcanic action.

(New Scientist Space) The brightest spot on Saturn's moon Titan has been seen brightening and growing, suggesting it might be an active volcano, a controversial analysis of images from the Cassini spacecraft suggests. If so, it would be the first indication of current volcanic activity on the giant moon.

Scientists are interested in whether Titan is volcanically active because volcanoes could help supply the large amount of methane seen in its atmosphere. The methane is quickly broken down by sunlight, so it must be getting replenished in some way.

Although not 100% sure, scientist do think that this bright spot may be a volcanic eruption, although instead of magma or water ice (like Enceladus) it may be more of an ethane-methane mixture.

If so, this is good news as Titan lacks the oceans of methane that were once presumed to cover its surface.

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