Thursday, October 12, 2006

China Becoming "Space Hungry" Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Of all the nations with better excuses for not visiting the stars, China seems to be very serious about conquering the final frontier--whether it is expensive or not.

(C|Net News) Sun Laiyan, head of the China National Space Administration, also defended the cost of the space program, saying Beijing spends far less than the United States, has benefits for ordinary people and is a matter of national pride. [...]

"The success of our manned space missions, becoming only the third country in the world to put a man into space on our own, is a source of pride for the Chinese nation," Sun said during a press conference outlining the next five years of the space program.

Next year, China plans on sending a probe to orbit the moon and is even considering space tourism as an avenue to help fund its space program. China has previously used space to help out farmers by exposing grain to radiation (increasing crop yields).

China seems geared for the next generation of space travel. Unfortunately the same thing can not be said of America.

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