Saturday, August 05, 2006

Methane Rain On Saturn's Moon Titan Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
With the discovery of methane lakes near the poles of Titan, some scientists think that violent rain storms may rain down methane on Titan--and perhaps cause flash floods.

(Red Orbit) Might it rain cold methane on Saturn's Titan? Recent analyses of measurements taken by the Huygen's probe that landed on Titan in 2005 January indicate that the atmosphere is actually saturated with methane at a height of about 8 kilometers.

Combined with observations of a damp surface and lakes near the poles, some astrobiologists conclude that at least a methane drizzle is common on parts of Titan.

Other astrobiologists reported computer models of the clouded moon that indicate that violent methane storms might even occur, complete with flash floods carving channels in the landscape.

It was previously thought that Titan lacked methane oceans, although evidence of channels upon the surface pointed to other wise. Although almost a billion miles away, Titan has the potential of becoming a lunar OPEC, exporting its methane fuel for profit.

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