Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturn's Titan May Have Methane Lakes Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Although I am probably late in the game reporting this, apparently Saturn's cloudy moon may harbor hydrocarbon lakes, making the moon prime real estate for colonization.

(Saturn Today) The Cassini spacecraft, using its radar system, has discovered very strong evidence for hydrocarbon lakes on Titan. Dark patches, which resemble terrestrial lakes, seem to be sprinkled all over the high latitudes surrounding Titan's north pole. [...]

Scientists have speculated that liquid methane or ethane might form lakes on Titan, particularly near the somewhat colder polar regions. In the images, a variety of dark patches, some with channels leading in or out of them, appear.

This is good news since it was assumed that Titan lacked methane lakes due to previous snap shots of the world. These lakes are located near the polar regions, although "rain drops" from Titan's atmosphere will hopefully create more of them.

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