Monday, August 07, 2006

Would Toxic Snow Inhibit Future Martian Colonists? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
There has been much debate (or rather discussion) regarding the latest research about Martian storms creating toxic snow that may be fatal to all future life forms.

(Universe Today) New research is suggesting that planet-wide dust storms on Mars could create a snow of corrosive chemicals toxic to life. These Martian storms generate a significant amount of static electricity, and could be capable of splitting carbon dioxide and water molecules apart.

The elements could then reform into hydrogen peroxide molecules, and fall to the ground as a snow that would destroy organic molecules associated with life. This toxic chemical might be concentrated in the top layers of Martian soil, preventing life from surviving.

News like this makes all those wonder if Mars is worth it. But even if the snow has contaminated martian soil deep beneath the top soil, future colonists could still grow their grain in space (like the Chineese).

More information will have to be gathered as to how toxic the soil as there may be a way to decontaminate the soil. But until then, we should still pursue establishing settlements on Mars--as this world would be humanities true test of surviving off world.

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