Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The United Kingdom May Lack Space Vision Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

It looks as if the British government may not have a "clear cut strategy" when it comes to the cosmos. Often known for promoting robots over humans, England seems to be slipping in the overall space race, something many observers are beginning to notice.

(BBC News) Observers say that despite having many leading space scientists and some of the best industry expertise, the UK remains a bit-part player on the international stage.

Britain's lack of influence means that it misses out on lucrative contracts to build science instruments and spacecraft, they argue. [...]

Phil Willis MP, the committee's chairman commented: "There is no doubt that UK space is a big success story, but there is no doubt either that we are living on past investments."

He added: "In order to stay in the game and ahead of the game we now have to take some very hard decisions, both in research terms and in commercial terms. First of all, we need focus.

Although the United Kingdom will probably blame government funding, lack of leadership, teamwork, etc. the real problem may have to do with the absence of people in their space program.

Without the human element, exploring the heavens around us will gain little sympathy in the public arena, which can easily translate into budget cuts as the program loses importance.

If England does not seriously consider adding humans to the overall space program, they may find themselves having to depend upon foreign goodwill in order to reach the stars beyond the sky.

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