Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Space Adventures Courting Bigelow Aerospace

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(Hat Tip: Space Pragmatism)

It looks as if two of the worlds most successful space firms (at least profit wise) may be partnering with each other in the not-so-distant future.

(Space.com) Space Adventures is having "serious talks" with Bigelow Aerospace, Anderson said, about using that entrepreneurial space firm's orbital habitats in the future. Two Genesis-class modules are now in Earth orbit with the company planning to evolve in coming years to larger expandable modules that can be occupied.

"It's possible we could buy an extra Soyuz and fly it to a Bigelow station. We're certainly interested in what they are doing," Anderson said.

A partnership between Bigelow Aerospace and Space Adventures would probably be a match "made for heaven."

With the International Space Station destined to lose favor among NASA eyes, Space Adventures will probably need a new destination to fly its tourists towards.

Both Bigelow Aerospace and Space Adventures are planning future trips towards the moon, respectively, so a partnership between these two companies may ultimately lead towards our species becoming a space faring civilization.

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