Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Japan Catching Space Elevator Fever

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Despite their recent setbacks in the public sector, it looks as if some Japanese citizens are taking it upon themselves to enable the masses to access the heavens.

(Space Elevator Blog) Today I heard back from Mr. Shiuchi Ohno, one of the founders of the newly formed Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA). I had emailed them a few questions - here are his responses;

Q) How long has JSEA been in existence?
A) JSEA is an association just born in this month. We will have first meeting this weekend in Tokyo. Last year, my friend and I went to Seattle to meet Mr.Michael and Mr. Tomas of Liftport company. We proposed them to start Japanese branch. But they couldn't decide until now. Then we decided to start actual activity in Japan for the real SE.

Japan's entrance into the space elevator field should help spark some "friendly competition" between the samurai nation and the US, at least in the private sector.

Despite the fact that this organization is still in its infancy, the Japan Space Elevator Association should help broaden the international appeal of the concept, as well as encourage other countries to form clubs of their own.

Ted Semon has more over on his weblog regarding this organization, which will hopefully impact Japan as much as LiftPort has impacted the US.

Update: Related-Russia Today Examines Space Elevators (Video)

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