Monday, June 04, 2007

Private Citizens: Expedition To Mars By 2014 Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
(Image Credit: TD Summer Reading Club)

Despite the fact that the best estimates put Mars at least 25 years away, a pair of adventurers is seeking to visit the red planet around 2014.

(Space Fellowship) Tom and Tina Sjogren (founders and operators of the []) have revealed their plans to embark on a private expedition to Mars by the year 2014. This was disclosed in an interview with "Outside" magazine, and published in the June 2007 issue (Page 72 – 79). [...]

Tom and Tina, with their prestigious adventure website, have had access to NASA, SpaceX, Armadillo, and many other experts. They brought their practical expertise related to expedition supplies into the calculations and scaled down NASA thinking appropriately. Using their knowledge of what capable, hardworking adventurers could accomplish, and what they would need to do it at acceptable risk, they found that commercial launch vehicles would be adequate to get their expedition supplies into orbit.

Although future missions to the crimson world will require courage of the heart, until scientists are able to find a way to shield space travelers from deadly radiation, a Mars expedition would be suicide.

Solar radiation is no laughing matter, and until scientists can develop the proper shielding via magnetic fields and medication, humans can expect to remain in Earth orbit for quite some time. Although space is not for cowards, it isn't for the foolish also as there are more things in space that can end ones life than preserve it.

Tom and Tina Sjogren both seem like pioneers, and our species will need people like them in order to settle not only the moon and Mars, but the outer lunar outer worlds as well. Hopefully the necessary technology will be in place by the time these two launch their expedition, as solar deaths would not be of much benefit towards the emerging space industry.

Update: Article source provided broken link. Corrected for viewing pleasure.

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  1. There is another way to stop radiation besides magnetic fields (or mitigating the effects with medication). Having lots of mass surrounding the livable volume tends to work pretty well for us down here on earth.

  2. The best shielding against solar protons is materials high in hydrogen. Wrapping your habitat in the hydrogen tanks used for fuel is a good choice. So is polyethylene, water, and water stored in polyethylene bags.


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