Thursday, May 31, 2007

Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Gathering) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

Editor's note: Whether they post a few paragraphs or a few pages these space geeks are bound to make you laugh or cry (depends on you view of NASA with the latter).

There were several amazing posts (amazing was the theme of the carnival) ranging from Clark Lindsey new way to fund space tourism to Louie Riofrio's take on Benson's Dreamchaser space craft to Ed's sharp rebuke towards NASA and space whiners.

But the best post thus far has to go to Dave Rankin of Tales of the Heliosphere who discussed every one's favorite subject--unless you work for NASA of course.

(Tales of the Heliosphere) In any event, the truly uncomfortable reality of sex in space is not about relationships, morale, techniques, alternative sexual lifestyles, and the whole gamut of things that first come to mind when sex in space is discussed. The truly uncomfortable reality of sex in space is that the biological purpose of sex is reproduction and artificial birth control sometimes fails. What do we do if an astronaut becomes pregnant? [...]

We can't be certain how weightlessness or even reduced gravity would affect a developing human in the womb or an infant, and we don't know what should be done to protect its health in space. A pregnancy on a long, three-year mission to Mars, for example, would certainly help us learn. But that knowledge would come at the cost of unplanned experimentation on a human being that never consented and couldn't.

A pregnancy in space would probably be a nightmare for any space agency, not to mention NASA. After all, a deformed child born in microgravity could be more than enough to convince the public that space is too dangerous for humans, ensuring domination by our robotic slaves friends.

It would probably be wiser to raise a kid on the Moon or Mars, than try experimenting with microgravity where a child brought into the world of stars may have to spend the rest of their days living among them.

Note: Do not forget to check out the other various articles about space on Henry's Carnival of Space.

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