Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bigelow Aerospace Ready For Space 2.0

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After the successful launch of Genesis 1, Bigelow Aerospace hopes to surpass their achievement by launching a second inflatable space station in orbit.

(The Space Fellowship) A May 17th statement by Robert T. Bigelow stated that Bigelow Aerospace has been informed by its launch provider ISC Kosmotras ("Kosmotras") that additional testing of the Dnepr rocket and its ground equipment was required by Russian authorities. But with no further setbacks the launch should be fine to go ahead at the newest planned launch date of June 28th.

A launch later on this month would definitely help out Bigelow Aerospace, which has been suffering from technical delays ever since shipping their craft to Russia. Although this has more to do with Russia fixing minor glitches with their rocket, Bigelow was hoping to have the craft up earlier (according to their schedule).

While their goal is to create affordable space stations for large corporations (and perhaps third world nations), Bigelow's ultimate goal is to colonize the moon (and perhaps Mars as well).

Hopefully all goes will with this space firms plans, as a second station in orbit could help cement the idea that "NewSpace" can seed the heavens just as effectively as OldSpace our governmental space agencies.

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