Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Borat's Kazakhstan Modernizing Army Via Space Tech

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Kazakhstan, a nation made (in)famous thanks to a Hollywood film by the title of Borat, is seeking to modernize its military force using space technology.

(Ria Novosti World) Kazakhstan's president has called for overhauling the Central Asian country's military focusing on the introduction of space technologies Monday. [...]

"Considering Kazakhstan's growing demands for space exploration, it is necessary to accelerate the introduction of space technologies. They are used in modern technical reconnaissance and are applied in almost all military fields, such as communications, administration, navigation and mapping," Nazarbayev said at a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the independent Kazakhstan's Armed Forces.

Although it is doubtful whether or not Kazakhstan will actually be able to get it's forces off world anytime soon (unless Russia gives them a hand), it is good to see smaller nations taking a more active role within the general space race.

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is taking a military approach, their involvement will hopefully add greater diversity amongst the heavens.

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