Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Will Purple Space Potato's Put Hair On Your Chest?

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Maybe, but whether or not this cosmic vegetable will make you slightly hairy, one thing is for sure: they seem to taste better than their Earth grown cousins.

(Xinhau) The new type of sweet potato, developed from seeds that mutated in outer space, has a much deeper purple color than previous generations, according to the Haikou Purple Orchid Co. Ltd., the grower, in China's southernmost Hainan Province.

Named Purple Orchid 3, the "space" potatoes are of normal size and not much different from ordinary potatoes in sweetness and fragrance, but taste more glutinous, said company manager Chang Lingen. [...]

Since purple is believed to represent nobility and romance, restaurants in the booming city of Shanghai have started offering a range of culinary delights featuring the new purple sweet potatoes, as a warm-up promotion for Valentine's Day, which couples in China often celebrate by eating out.

Although these seeds were ripened on Earth, China is pioneering a new frontier in space farming. Since most soils off world may not be suitable for growing grain, harvesting these crops in space may prove quite beneficial.

Of course no one yet knows the full side effects of eating these foods (aside from the taste factor), but they may provide a delicious alternative towards dry processed meals all to familiar to military and NASA personal.

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