Saturday, February 03, 2007

Searching For Martian Life In All The Right Places Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Despite the fact that the red planet's soil may be toxic towards life, scientists intend upon sending a robot towards the northern pole of Mars.

(MSNBC) Scientists are scrambling to find an alternative landing site for a long-armed robot set to launch this summer on a mission to dig into Mars' icy north pole to search for signs of primitive life. [...]

Scientists scouring images of the Martian arctic have narrowed options down to three possible candidates for where the spacecraft can safely touch down. They have until March to choose a destination.

The three sites are clustered around the north pole, which is believed to have a huge amount of ice just below the surface. A site dubbed Green Valley is located within a shallow valley and looks the most secure, Smith said.

It is doubtful that this robot will discover anything within a few yards beneath the surface as the soil has taken a serious beating from cosmic radiation (enough to kill life as we know it).

However this robot's little adventure in the north should provide a useful map of icy ponds, which will be quite useful when pondering where to set up shop on this distant world.

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