Thursday, February 08, 2007

China Revisiting The Moon With A Rover? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
With the Americans and Europeans exploring the Martian surface via Spirit and Opportunity, it looks like China has decided to do something similar on the moon.

(Earth Times) Thirteen domestic designers have vied to design for the moon rover to be used in China's Chang'e I Moon Orbiting Project.

The remote-controlled moon rover shall be used to perform experiments and send data back to the earth following the moon orbiting project, said Ouyang Ziyuan, moon probe program chief scientist.

Ouyang didn't disclose when China's first circumlunar exploration satellite, Chang'e I, would be launched this year, he was quoted as saying Saturday by the Beijing Morning Post.

Placing a rover on the moon would not only improve China's global reputation (after the ASAT test), but also enhance our understanding of our lunar neighbor. A moon rover could also help us re-examine the lunar environment, and hopefully map the area in greater detail.

China has already dedicated a significant portion of its resources towards conquering space, probably more than most nations on this planet.

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