Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spaceport America Revamps Website Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
(Hat Tip: Space Transport News)

Despite the fact that other spaceports exist in the United States (such as Oklahoma, Virginia and of course, Florida), Spaceport America has captured the media's attention, with thanks in part to Virgin Galactic's ability to market itself to "the masses."

Now it looks as if Spaceport America has taken some of Virgin Galactic's "flare," as they have revamped their website in order to make it more attractive.

(Video: A brief tour through what the upcoming Spaceport America will look like. Credit: Spaceport America)

The revamped Spaceport America site hosts many features, including a press release section (for the media) and a weblog (for the geeks).

The site also has a section highlighting organizations that will be using their facilities once the spaceport is built, which range from private corporations (such as UP Aerospace, Rocket Racing League, and Lockheed Martin) to the government (White Sands Missle Range), to even not-for-profit organizations (like the X-Prize Foundation, which recently launched a blog).

Creating a fancy website is a great way to attract (and keep) the attention of those curious about traveling "beyond the black," especially children (who may end up building homes on other worlds).

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