Monday, April 07, 2008

Carnival Of The Space Geeks! (48 And Going Great!) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

Brian Wang of Next Big Future graciously hosted the 48th Carnival of Space, with some interesting articles ranging from updates about our favorite Martian rover, potential for worlds orbiting red dwarf stars at harboring life, and why Martian lovers should consider moving towards Arizona.

A few interesting articles included:

  • Clark Lindsey of RLV Transport News highlighting how a small private space firm called Survey Satellite Technology was able to out perform its larger rivals with launching a satellite on time and within budget.

    This should help encourage minor space firms that they can compete in "the big leagues" (against major players).

  • Stuart Atkinson of Cumbrian Sky ponders what Phoenix will see once it lands on the red planet. Hopefully it will be able to determine whether or not Martian soil is friendly or hostile towards Earthen life forms.

  • AstroProf expresses thoughts over the radiation issue regarding space, something either NASA (or NewSpace) needs to seriously resolve or we, as a species will only be able to glimpse at other worlds from afar (instead of settling them).

Thanks for reading! This weeks space carnival is going to be hosted by Henry Cate (over at A Pondering Heart), who actually helped kick start this whole Blog Carnival, not to mention actually attended the Space Access event last week. Update (4/13): Henry Cate will be hosting the 50th Carnival of Space, not the 49th. Sorry for the confusion!

For those interested in joining our ranks (instead of observing from the sidelines), you can visit Universe Today for more information.

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