Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New NASA Web Feature To Make Its Case For Space Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

(Image: New NASA web feature highlights influence of space in the average home, city. Credit: NASA)

After previously redesigning their website, NASA it seems has gone a step further by making an interactive feature to help the public understand why the space program has significance (outside of cellphones and the weather channel).

(Space Travel) The U.S. space agency has added an interactive program to its Web site, allowing users to discover some of the space technologies that now impact daily life. [...]

[NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale] said the interactive site takes users on an illustrated tour of the commercial technologies and products in their homes and cities that trace their origins to NASA's space and aeronautics research and development..

NASA has documented more than 1,500 examples of how its technologies have been used for bettering life on Earth.

This web feature should help NASA make its case for space against "nay sayers," who may have the perception that America is wasting billions of dollars investing in our public space program.

While NASA has placed a link towards the site on their home page (which can be viewed directly over here) hopefully the NASA team would consider creating a separate domain in order to make it easier for the public (and Google) to find it.

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  1. Hey good for NASA, if they need more funding, which they do, they need to do just this, go out and get it. If they can prove that they are a worthwhile venture then the government will likely give them some more money. I hope it works. Thanks for the info Darnell.

    The Fool


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