Monday, November 26, 2007

Carnival Of The Space Geeks(29 And 30) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

(Image Credit: JAXA)

(Note: Since I forgot to mention the Carnival of Space last week, I'll mention it here, along with last weeks roundup).

Two weeks ago, Riding with Robots hosted the Carnival of Space, some of which helped bring back "the awe" of why living off world may be less boring than previously thought.

Louise of A Babe in the Universe highlights the not-so-recent lunar Earth Rise, with Phil at Bad Astronomy highlights why some of those craters pictured may be prime spots for future colonies (note: think energy).

Meanwhile Ed over at Robot Guy posts a video of Burt Rutan ripping into NASA (note: where's the love?).

Dave of Tales of the Heliosphere has an interesting take about the lunar real estate scam going on in Arkansas, while Paul of Centauri Dreams talks about finding similar solar systems throughout our (currently) quiet galaxy.


That was the previous Carnival of Space two weeks ago, and here are some interesting articles that stood out from last weeks Carnival of Space, hosted by Phil of Bad Astronomy.

Brian Wang of Advanced NanoTechnology discusses how a new type of nuclear fusion rockets could make space a 100 times cheaper than the best chemical rockets while Stuart of The Verse has an interesting space poem simply entitled "Fly Past."

Pamela of Star Stryder highlights a planet orbiting a star that may be dangerously close to its binary soul mate while NASA has an awesome astronomy picture of the day.

The most interesting post out of both Carnivals came from Clark of HobbySpace who has some thoughts regarding Obama's decision to financially gut NASA in order to fund our education system.


Thanks for reading, and if anyone is interested in joining the growing band of space bloggers (with dreams of tasting the final frontier), then they can visit Universe Today for more details.

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