Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blue Mars: Coming To A Video Game Near You?

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(Image Credit: Avatar Reality, Hat Tip: Mars News)

While NASA and the private space industry struggle to make the final frontier more relevant to the masses, it looks as if a video game by Avatar Reality may help stimulate the population by providing a "Second Life-like" environment.

(Star Bulletin) Make the planet Mars, populate it with ultra-modern cities, flying cars and millions of gamers, and that's what they call a whole lot of fun. [...]

Blue Mars is set 170 years in the future, when advancements in technology have allowed humans to terraform Mars into a habitable planet. The world is the creation of former Square developer Henk Rogers , who founded Avatar Reality Inc. in mid-2006. Rogers is also the chairman of another Honolulu company, Blue Planet Software Inc., which licenses the Tetris computer game.

While video games may seem silly to some people, ideas like these may help encourage the upcoming generation about the importance of Mars without boring them to death with a list of reasons why humanity should settle the planet.

Video games are becoming more and more popular with people of all ages (including Grandparents), and what better way to reach out to those who will (hopefully) inherit the red planet by presenting it in a format that they will enjoy?

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