Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NASA Wants England To Join Lunar Adventure

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With NASA focused on returning humanity back to the moon, other nations, such as England seem to have placed their priority in robotic missions. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, probably one of the most vocal voices for human space flight, is proposing that the United Kingdom should join the Americans on lunar soil by sending one of their own.

(Skymania News) But NASA Administrator Michael Griffin has made it clear to Skymania News that he wants Brits to join American astronauts in walking on the Moon and helping set up lunar bases.

He recently told me: "The invitation absolutely is there for the UK to join us in those journeys. I hope that that level of participation would go so far as to include astronauts. If it does, then of course we will participate in training them."

The United Kingdom has been rather slow about considering human spaceflight, which probably has to do more with their budget than their desire (as sending robots is definitely cheaper than flesh and blood).

But if England desires to receive its fare share of the Universe's resources, then they will need to commit human bodies towards space flight, as robots can only do much.

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