Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google And NASA To Send A Satellite To Mars? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

It looks like the search engine king and NASA are in discussions of exploring the red planet together. Although these are nothing more than conversations at best, doing so may be in both organizations best interests, if not humanities.

(Red Orbit) Among the companies with technical partnerships with NASA is search-engine operator Google. Google declined to send a representative to the event, but according to Terry Fong, a NASA group leader, the two organizations are busy on several projects and have even discussed the possibility of a satellite venture that Fong described as "really far" off. [...]

According to Fong, Google and NASA will begin in five weeks to unveil technology that will bring NASA data, such as atmospheric observations and sea temperatures, to the satellite navigation service Google Earth. The two organizations are working as well on a disaster-response project that will place real-time disaster data on Google Earth. That data could include the plume of a wild fire, the condition of a damaged bridge, or even the position of monitoring aircraft.

"At some point in time, they might become involved in missions" in space, said Fong, referring to the satellite venture.

Google is already partnering with NASA regarding its application program, Google Earth and their are rumors on a Martian collaboration as well.

If Google were able to actually finance a mission towards the red planet one could easily see them incorporating that information within a future Google Mars. Ironically while the search engine king's competitors worry about conquering cyberspace on Earth, Google seems to be expanding its empire to other worlds.

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