Thursday, December 07, 2006

Grassroots For Space Geeks Goes Live Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
(Hat Tip: Space Politics)

With criticism over NASA's lunar plans growing, the Coalition for Space Exploration has taken the initiative in their own hands and has decided to launch a grass roots effort to keep our space program (as well as the vision) alive.

( is an advocacy website sponsored and maintained by the Coalition for Space Exploration. The mission of this website is to advocate the Vision for Space Exploration across our country and to legislators on Capitol Hill and within our states.

Our goal is to recruit space advocates who share our passion for space exploration and support this mission.

The site looks as if its taking its baby steps, although the Space Advocate site might consider several more options in order to make itself truly effective.

  • Create a blog (with comments enabled and rss feeds)

  • Create a forum or "social network" within the site

  • Have an unofficial blog roll and list member bloggers who in turn link back via text or image.

I'm looking forward to the future development of this site. Hopefully we can send a message to Congress that Americans do care about their space program over their pet pork projects.

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