Monday, December 11, 2006

Everyday Space Technology That You Don't Think About Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Many critics of the space program whine that sending men and women to the moon (and Mars) is a waste of time, money and media coverage when such efforts could be better focused on humanitarian issues or improving the economy.

But before one can write off the entire space sector, they should consider all of the benefits it has provided us.

(ABC News) Since the 1950s, space technology has been applied to more than 30,000 commercial products. Sunglasses, quartz watches, and cordless tools are all products with roots in outer space.

Add to that list global communications systems, personal computers and satellite technology, and it's fair to say that most Americans don't make it through a day without using a space spin-off.

Ironically, even the coffee you drink everyday (made from the coffee pot)is a direct spin-off from space technology. Without, half of the US probably wouldn't be able to function (or at least on time with little sleep).

But what is the main reason for exploring the cosmos?

(ABC News) "These things are nice and important...but not worth risking lives for," [Dan Barry, retired astronaut] said. "So why do we risk astronaut's lives? If we don't go out into space and continue to expand and explore, then as a species, we're going to eventually stagnate. And species that don't adapt and expand become extinct."

Any more excuses?

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