Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chinese Space Station In 2008?

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In an attempt to retain its space power status, China it seems is interested in constructing a space station orbiting Earth by next years end.

(Red Orbit) The People's Daily Thursday said in September following the Olympics China plans to launch a Shenzhou-7 spacecraft with three astronauts for preliminary work on a Chinese space station. [...]

The plans call for a 20-ton station, said Song Zhengyu, a research fellow with the First Institute of the China Aerospace Science & Technology Corp. and deputy director-designer of the launch vehicle. Analysts say China wants to build its own space station to keep up with other countries while showing it can do high-tech exploration.

China is currently leading the Asian world in space technology, with neighbors such as South Korea and Japan envying their status from afar. China's entrance into the space field has been a benefit globally, as it has rekindled a spirit of exploration of the heavens.

Lets hope it will also inspire its neighbors to pursue similar goals (hint: Japan, where are you?)

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