Monday, May 22, 2006

Bible Being Taught In Public Schools Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
This news will probably not make many supporters of "evolution only" advocates happy, but it will open up students towards another perspective.

(Christian Post) The long-dormant idea of teaching public school students about the literary and historic importance of the Bible is getting a fresh look this year from state legislatures and local school boards--though with political bickering and questions about what should be included.

The buzz results mostly from "The Bible and Its Influence," a glossy high school textbook with substantial interfaith and academic endorsements. It's available for the coming school year, and some 800 high schools are currently considering the course.

This curriculum is being published by the Bible Literacy Project of Front Royal, Va. and they are even launching a teachers addition next month. Teaching students about the bible will probably expose children to the debate over evolution and theology (which will benefit all) and help them decide on which world view to embrace.

And if any organizations feel threatened by the new curriculum and threaten legal action, the Washington's Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is supplying lawyers free of charge (although the American Center for Law and Justice probably would help out as well).

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