Sunday, January 04, 2009

Belated: Carnival Of The Space Geeks (82-84) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Note: Since I missed the opportunity to highlight the various space carnivals (from December), I will post a brief update regarding them below. Be sure to check out the most recent Carnival of Space over at Cheap Astronomy .


The 82nd Carnival of Space was hosted by Dave Mosher of the Space Disco, who put together an excellent video highlight of all of the entries which you can see below.

A couple articles that readers here might be interested in are from:


The 83rd Carnival of Space was hosted "down under" by Ian Musgrave of Astroblog, with a few interesting articles ranging from beer in space to geysers on Enceladus to a 3D video flight over Mars.

A few interesting articles readers here might want to check out include:


Last (but not least) the 84th Carnival of Space was hosted by Brian Wang of Next Big Future, which featured articles ranging from Obama administration "looking into" space solar power satellites to the possibilities of warp drives to an interview with one of the drivers behind the Martian rovers.

Several articles readers of this blog may be interested in include:


Thanks for reading, and if anyone out there feels like submitting their own article to the next Carnival of Space, feel free to visit Universe Today on details about how to enter.

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