Monday, August 18, 2008

Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Next Generation) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

David Chandler of Next Generation hosted last weeks Carnival of Space with many, many posts ranging from conversations with pro-space Congressmen to how liquids behave in space (note: video included) to even some rare praises for NASA's Mike Griffen.

There was even quite a few articles covering Enceladus, which seemed to be the unofficial theme of the Carnival.

One article of interest was from Brian Wang (of Next Big Future) who highlights six medical and technological advances in radiation protection. Here are two of those highlighted below.

(Next Big Future) 2. Radiation immunity enhancement. Several gene therapy and drug treatments that could make what would have been 50% fatality down to 20% or less.

Gene therapy provides temporary protection from radiation

3. New physical materials. Like graphene and nanotubes with high hydrogen doping levels. Optimized shielding for space radiation protection[.]
Radiation shielding is perhaps one of the largest obstacles towards humanity settling the solar system--surpassing even problems associated with the side effects of living with reduced gravity (which we may already have solutions for).

Hopefully we can perfect these medical and technological breakthroughs, as failure to do so will severely limit which moons humanity will be able to build cities upon.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to read the rest of the entries, as well as sign up for this weeks upcoming Carnival of Space (details on how to sign up can be seen over here).

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