Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Lunar X-Prize: More Teams To Join?

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Last year in an effort to motivate humanity to revisit the Moon, Google announced an X-Prize competition (aka GLXP) aimed at spurring the international community to land a rover on Earth's nearest neighbor.

Thus far only 10 teams have accepted Google's challenge, with sizes ranging from one (fairly wealthy) person to a little over a dozen.

But starting tomorrow (May 21st) it looks as if more teams may be "entering the ring."

(Chandah GLXP Blog) [A]t the Google headquarters [...] 10 teams presented themselves to the world. This is about to change. Tomorrow, more teams shall be announced, expanding the universe of explorers who aspire to go to moon!

It will be interesting to see who the new comers are, not to mention how they plan to launch, land and roam the lunar surface in order to claim the $20 million prize (not to mention fund their operations).

Thus far only one team has really demonstrated an innovative (and inexpensive) way at launching their "rover," which could spell bad news for anyone rooting for the United States.

Note: Hopefully Interplanetary Ventures made the list, as they were seeking sponsors to pay the remaining fees.

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