Saturday, March 22, 2008

Carnival Of The Space Geeks (45 And 46) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

It looks like the Carnival of Space is up, although I (unfortunately) forgot to mention last week's Carnival of Space, so I'll do a quick recap here of some of the interesting highlights before proceeding to this weeks Carnival.


Last week's Carnival of Space was hosted over at Observations from Missy's Window and included everything from extraterrestrials hiding out by Pluto (note: silly humans) to take a ride to the stars "for free" to even witnessing exploding super nova's.

Some of the best posts featured included (but not limited to):

Those were some of the interesting articles posted on last weeks Carnival, and here are a "few" more from this weeks Carnival of Space, which was hosted by Bill Dunford of Riding With Robots.

Posts here ranged from impolite extraterrestrials to reaction over the death of Arthur C. Clarke (RIP). A few interesting articles included:


Thanks for reading, and if you ever get the urge to voice your opinion from your corner of the universe, you might consider not only joining our growing ranks, but declare your message to the world by enlisting in the next Carnival of Space. The fine print can be found over at Universe Today.

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  1. Hey Darnell, you might be interested in the Mars Foundation website ( - I am their communications officer and we are currently designing several habitat designs for the future of Mars colonization.

    Thanks for linking to my stories! Always appreciated.

    Best, Ian

  2. Hey Ian,

    Thanks for the info! I've actually checked out the Mars Foundation site before (although they have definitely change a few things on the site for the better).

    While I do not know whether or not I will live to see a Martian colony in my life time, I am glad that there are people who are planning on settling the red planet--if not for themselves then for future generations.


  3. Hi Darnell,
    I'll be sure to let you know whan we release our "next big thing" in Mars colonization. We are trying to adapt our original hillside base to other situations - the main one (and my fav) a modular "plains base". Might even be able to do a Universe Today story about it.

    Glad you like the new-look Mars Foundation website, I redesigned it last year and I've become a more permenant member now :-)

    Will be i touch.

    Cheers, Ian


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