Saturday, January 12, 2008

Carnival Of The Space Geeks (36th Editon) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
This weeks Carnival of Space was hosted by Steinn Sigurosson over at Dynamics of Cats which held an interesting round of posts varying from space weather to revisiting Mercury.

Some interesting posts included:

  • Pradeep's post indicates that India is becoming increasingly busy in the space arena.

  • Jon Goff has a lengthly (but awesome) post regarding an air launched Single Stage To Orbit. Is it possible? The world may never know should consider this option.

  • The Space Cynics are attempting to counter the Space Exploration Alliance to everyone's disappointment (they are lobbying for cheap, reliable access to space)

  • Paul Glister has an interesting article regarding Europa's oceans being oxidised, not to mention the ice mountains of Titan.

Those interested in submitting their blog posts (or articles to the carnival of space can visit this page over at Universe Today for the details.

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