Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NASA Rediscovers Cyberspace, Gets A New Look Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

The boys and girls at NASA have (finally) redesigned their website, giving the agency a flashier presence in the digital world.

( "We're very excited to roll this new version of out for the public," said Brian Dunbar, NASA's internet services manager at Headquarters, Washington. "We've been able to add new functionality to the site, broaden and simplify the navigation to NASA's wide range of content and still keep the features that users liked best about the old design. All together, the new design will make it much easier for users to complete their top tasks." [...]

"This new approach to the NASA home page arose from ongoing feedback from the site's users, which we get continuously through e-mails, customer-satisfaction surveys and traffic statistics," Dunbar added. "The initial concepts and subsequent iterations have been put through three rounds of user testing with external audiences. We're proud of the initial reaction to the new design and the entire NASA Web team looks forward to adding new features and listening closely to user feedback."

NASA's redesign of their site could not have come at a better time, as politicians are already debating whether humans have a role to play among the celestial heavens.

Hopefully NASA will consider adding additional features in the future (such as allowing users to download video's, or embed them on their own sites) although for now NASA officially has the coolest governmental space page online.

Humorous Note: NASA's Brian Dunbar is different from LiftPort's Brian Dunbar.

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  1. They is definitely true. NASA's new homepage is easier to navigate and more enjoyable. Surely it's the best the government has to offer, website wise. ;)

  2. Marc Longoria12/05/2007 6:48 PM

    *That is definitely true.


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