Friday, October 19, 2007

Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Sorting Out Science) Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

Sam Wise of Sorting Out Science hosted this week's Carnival of Space.

Despite being new to the event (at least to this author) Sam created a very professional layout for the Carnival, with a mash of links to not only some of the bloggers posts, but to related media sites as well.

We even had mention of space elevators, with the Marc of the Space Elevator Reference and Ted via the Space Elevator Blog.

Be sure to subscribe to either of those blogs as they are covering the Space Elevator Olympics (aka Space Elevator Games) in which their are currently six teams competing (you can find video's over here).

Other interesting posts included:

Next week's Carnival will be hosted by Pamela over at Star Stryder, and if anyone is interested in submitting a post to the Carnival of Space (as its always great to hear from fresh minds), please visit this link.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Darnell.
    Thanks for the mention.

    PS - I agree with the above.
    Amazing really how far we can 'see' billions of light years into the distant past, yet we can barely get off this earth, never mind travel beyond the solar system to other stars and/or galaxies.

    The feat is not beyond man, but it is beyond 'economics' - if one waits for space exploration and space travel to become profitable, before one engages in manned space flight - it will be a long wait indeed.

    Oddly enough, wages & operating costs are never discussed on the Starship Enterprise, even though we know it is only a hollywood movie.

    It is the desire to explore and to go where no man has gone before has to be the primordial driving force. And I dare say most US billionaires or multimillionaires are too old with dickie hearts to be fit for space. We can't expect Dick Cheney to be interested in space travel, when he's clearly got his eye on other things - and his heart in his doctor's surgery.


You can either visit the stars or watch them from afar.

But if you choose the former, you'll definitely get a better view.

~Darnell Clayton, 2007

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