Saturday, September 29, 2007

Congress Opposes Human Missions To Mars? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas

While NASA prepares itself to once again visit the Moon, it looks as if the US House of Representatives is proposing a bill that would ban all human missions towards Mars.

(New Scientist Space) Is there life on Mars? Who knows, but if the US House of Representatives gets its way, no human will be making the trip to find out. Its proposed yearly budget for NASA contains a provision banning the funding of anything related to the human exploration of Mars.

NASA is seeking to send humans towards Mars around 2037, although if Congress displays enough apathy, we may end up never funding anything other than hi-tech golf carts to roam its surface.

Robert Zubrin, the founder of the Mars Society (which is currently down as of this post) is seeking to overturn this measure, although he may be fighting an uphill battle as Mars is quite literally being out shined by Earth's "lunar brother."

Update: Changed Martian photo.

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