Tuesday, August 21, 2007

England To Seek Out Life On Mars Via Rover

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(Image Credit: ESA via Skymania News)

It looks as if the British are about to invade the red planet but unleashing a smart rover to roam across the surface of Mars.

(Skymania News) A UK-built robot is set dramatically to speed up the search for life on Mars, European space scientists were being told today. The roving explorer, nicknamed Bridget, will be intelligent enough to decide for itself which martian rocks are best to investigate.

It will work three times faster than previous robots such as Nasa's rovers Spirit and Opportunity which are currently weathering the tail end of a huge dust storm on Mars.

Despite the fact that this rovers purpose is to locate microbes upon the crimson worlds surface, hopefully it will be able to analyze whether or not the Martian soil is actually hostile or fertile for future Earth life.

Hopefully this rover mission will inspire England to consider sending humans to the final frontier, lest they end up in receiving the "cosmic scraps" of what the universe has to offer them.

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