Tuesday, March 20, 2007

China To Lunar Real Estate Agents, Get Lost

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It looks like future real estate agencies will no longer be able to solicit Chinese citizens within the country for lunar property. With the red dragon barring recognition of their efforts, (and the US ignoring their claims) where will they go to find legitimacy?

(Moon Daily) A Chinese company has been banned from selling plots of land on the moon, state media reported on Saturday. The company, Lunar Embassy to China, had sold a total of 49 acres (20 hectares) to 34 customers before authorities acted, Xinhua news agency said. An appeal court on Friday upheld an earlier ruling against the Beijing-based firm which had been selling the lunar plots. [...]

On Friday, the Beijing intermediate court rejected its appeal, saying no individual or country could claim ownership of the moon.

With the human race bound to revisit the lunar surface in the upcoming half century, property rights is bound to become a serious issue as businesses and nations begin mining the surface.

Until then, anyone laying claim to the Moon (for any reason) will probably have to wait until the private sector has an active presence on the Moon, as it would be hard to mail out property without a FedEx truck nearby.

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