Friday, February 24, 2006

Can Faith And Science Mix? Authentic NASA Toys and Replicas
Apparently a reader of Answers in Genesis thought that wasn't the case and wrote a letter to AiG about their displeasure of them "blurring the line."

(Letter sent to AiG) Science can neither prove, nor disprove the ultimate quest of faith: a personal relationship and understanding of god. After all, the ultimate expression of faith is that it exists in the absence of proof, scientific or otherwise.

Although faith may seem like "blind devotion" to those outside of it, only a foolish individual would trust the sayings of any text, prophet, etc. without some form of evidence.

Other religions may or may not demand unconditional questioning of its tenets, but this is not the case for biblical Christianity, Judaism, etc. The being described in these pages was constantly trying to prove himself to those he loved, which often produced faith which is based on evidence.

The rest of the article provides some great points for all those interested in the realms of science and religion.

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